Ruslan Kleytman
Ruslan Kleytman
Ruslan Kleytman
Ruslan Kleytman

Yogic Arts™

Yogic Arts™ integrates the core strength and joint conditioning elements of Buddhist Gung-Fu [healing martial arts], the fluidity and purification of Ashtanga Vinyasa [breath-motion yoga], and the healing touch of traditional Thai Therapy [yoga massage].

The Yogic Arts™ system is comprised of the sequencing of classical standing asanas [poses], infused with martial art and modern dance stance integrations, therapeutic kicking drills, a core floor workout, a deeply therapeutic hip and shoulder opening sequence, and a traditional vinyasic finishing practice, which includes elements of Thai massage and guided meditation. Each practice focuses on different aspects of the respective integration of massage, martial arts, and yogic technique, as we explore the evolution of asana and vinyasa [posture and movement]


Krama Vinyasa

Krama Vinyasa Yoga, an ancient system of physical, psychological and spiritual development. Krama Vinyasa is a Sanskrit term that means the optimal sequencing of events. Krama Vinyasa (movement and sequence methodology) was brought back to use and prominence by Sri T. Krishnamacharya.  Vinyasa is breath synchronized movement seamlessly united with the intention of Self Realization, Krama is a sequential process designed to awaken inherent divine energy (Shakti). When practicing Krama Vinyasa the breath and movement are seamlessly united in such a way that each action encourages and supports the other, like each note supports the next one to create a symphony. Your body joins with your breath to create a vehicle for peace.  As long as we are in this body, life is changing- artfully explore the transitions and MOVE WITH GRACE.


Ruslan Kleytman is the founder and Director of Anahata Yoga Studio in Miami Beach, a senior Yogic Arts teacher, a devoted yogi, gifted body worker, and an avid acro yogi. Ruslan’s teaching method is rooted in the Krama Vinyasa style, powered by theoretical foundation of Universal Yoga, and inspired by creative dynamics and complex choreography of Yogic Arts. Ruslan is first and foremost a lifelong student of yoga- always seeking to gain new knowledge and inspiration. He has studied with, and was influenced by the teachings of Andrei Lappa (Universal Yoga) and Andrei Sidersky (Yoga 23), among other remarkable teachers, and has been apprenticing with Master Duncan Wong (Founder of the Yogic Arts system) over the past 9 years. Ruslan utilizes a holistic approach to yoga, working on development of all levels of being (physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual). He sees yoga practice as a method of liberation (full self realization). In his workshops he presents students with a harmonious and balanced practice aimed to create the most fertile environment for meditation.


Ruslan has traveled worldwide sharing his knowledge and inspiration with students in different communities. He also developed a specialized curriculum for an intensive 30 day, 200 hour Krama Vinyasa Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training program. He has offered this program in Bali, Hawaii, Japan, Miami, and Key West, and has certified hundreds of students to become passionate and successful yoga teachers.



Date Event City State/Country Venue
02/29/12 - 03/30/12 Teacher Training Key West FL Shakti Yoga
10/31/11 - 11/29/11 Teacher Training Bali Indonesia Bagus Jati Resort
10/14/11 - 11/04/11 Yoga Retreat Koh Samui Thailand Samahita Yoga Retreat Center
07/08/11 - 07/23/11 Workshops Tokyo Japan Mount Takao Monastery
05/27/11 Yogic Arts Workshop Miami FL The Standard Hotel
05/22/11 Yogic Arts Workshop Miami FL Soho House
05/01/11 - 05/30/11 Teacher Training Miami Beach FL Anahata Yoga