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Born to Fly Module 2

Born to Fly: Module 2 - Learning, leading, and studying the philosophy of mantras, kirtans.  Bhakti & The Art of Refining & Teaching Arm Balances. 

Welcome to Bhakti and Flight university.  Join master teacher Raghunath as you advance as a practitioner AND a teacher in your inversion/arm balance practice while breaking down the sweet and deep culture of Bhakti. Learn to fly. Learn to sing from your heart. Finally GET yoga philosophy and it's practical application like its never been explained before.

This 100 hour Advanced module - suitable for yoga teachers or serious students has two essential elements. First, Raghu will teach refining and strengthening your inversion and arm balance practice as well as masteringHOW to teach them and add them into your sequencing. He will break things down to their simplest form and explain how to grow this practice from the foundation up till you're literally floating around the room.

Second, this is a study of genuine Bhakti culture which will include: the memorization of sacred sanskrit mantras that are valuable gems for yoga teachers to own by memory. Study devotional songs and mantras and their significance. Learn or refine your harmonium playing so that you can lead kirtan.  This training will specifically focus on the ancient devotional manuscript of the Srimad Bhagavatam's which contain the stories of Lord Krishna, and is pregnant with deep transcendent yet practical lessons for the aspiring yogi.


Sadhu Training 


SadhuTraining- New Incarnation:
cost: $999
DATES: Monday, July 21 2:00 pm -Saturday, July 26 9:30 am
Where: Hawthorne Valley Farm

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questions: Reach Raghuanth


India Pilgrimage

Back to the motherland! The home of yoga, mystics, mantras, sadhus, chanting, samaosas, Ayurveda and most of all devotion and love! Without a guide it’s easy to get lost in the craziness of modern India. To decipher the mystery Raghunath will be that guide to introduce you to spiritual India. Visiting like yogi’s- not tourists. We’re not going to park it at some hotel and do asanas. This is the real deal. Raghu will take you to the holy cities and villages that have been dear to the yogi’s and devotees since before recorded time. He will teach asana, and philosophy regularly and give reading assignments from books of ancient India so you can enter into the mood. More than tourism it will be a chance to learn and grow. We’ll learn meditation techniques, bathe in sacred rivers, and dine on authentic and excellent vegetarian food. Because he has spent a lot of time in India with sadhu’s and saints, We will meet up with other guides, friends, Vedic astrologers, palmists, & swami’s whom Raghunath knows of, or has known intimately for years. We’re going to deepen our understanding of yoga culture. With a proper guide India can be a portal to another time-an ancient spiritual culture. It still exists side by side with the modern. As you discover it you will consequently discover your self a little more and then your life will never be the same. Space is limited so we invite you join the adventure.


Hey Ya'll,

We are very excited to introduce you to Patrick Beach, who will be touring the Northeast for the next 2 weeks!

Join us on the mat at one of these amazing studios:


We are open to adding events on February 28 and March 2nd contact if interested!


The Digital Yoga Network – YAMA in partnership with leading digital management company Viral Spiral announces the world’s first digital yoga network.  Similar to the magic that occurred when YAMA brought independant yoga businesses together in the real world, the Digital Yoga Network brings together yoga businesses virtually on YouTube. Viral Spiral brings us the best in technology and training on YouTube (I know you want more information on how to best use YouTube!) as well as the ability to be a preferred YouTube partner (this is huge) and access to hundreds of leading brands and advertising agencies who I assure you are looking for yogis!  If you are looking to grow your platform and earn more revenue, beyond your studio – this is it.  I believe that YouTube is the single most valuable and underused tool in the yoga space.  We can further groom your exisiting channel – or help you create one.  There are already 20 channels in the network, 250K subscribers, 300 million views...and growing.  Join us:


YogaNation is a three-day yoga immersion, an opportunity to step away from your daily routine and truly soak in a weekend dedicated solely to you and your practiece. The creative team, including many YAMA teachers, will lead you through innovative classes and workshops in their dynamic signature styles. Not only will you expand your practice, the weekend will also give you time to relax, renew, and connect with the YogaNation Family!

Check out the site here.


In the spirit of this season of giving, we're making the first Empower Hour call of 2014 free!


Please join Ava this Saturday, January 4th @ 1pm EST for our Empower Hour tele-seminar "Where Are You Going?" on diagnostics, life-work balance, and uncovering your “why." Register for a call-in number here.


Use these 60 minutes to start 2014 with inspiration and focus!



Hi Y'all,


Just back from Savannah, Georgia--a land of weeping oaks, tradition and ritual, history deep as roots, antebellum beauty and a consulting client.  A quick afternoon was spent visiting the yoga studio and a team I have only known via phone (amazing & so proud), taking a historic walking tour and, of course, eating shrimp and grits!  Vaughnetta began our tour singing an old Negro spiritual, and then walked us through hundreds of years of American history – focused on the experience and significance of the slave.  After a riveting walk through impossibly picturesque squares (you can hear the clack of the carriages!) we ended the tour on the Savannah River near a sculpture dedicated to the countless slaves who were brought, bought and sold – there is a stunning poem by Maya Angelou that graces it.  A visible reminder of the injustice – how far we have come and how far we have yet to go.


This all got me to thinking about freedom.  The freedoms we have in America that perhaps we take for granted, the freedoms and equality we are still fighting for and the freedoms and equality that we have won.


What I walk away with is an overwhelming sense of responsibility to live free and to make the most of the freedoms that I do have.


A responsibility to live to the best of my ability, to make the most of my talents, to contribute – to not settle, to keep dreaming, to live brave and out loud.


A responsibility to not shackle myself by fear, self-doubt or limitation.


This seems to me the best way to pay homage to those who came before me and to light the way for those yet to come.


May you live free and use your gifts in 2014.


- Ava


Let's be goaldiggers together.

Who you calling a goaldigger?! Oh right! ME!


Wondering how to take your idea from concept to reality? Curious how to thrive in your current business structure or how to finally stop treading water and get ahead? Our consulting services provide support to help you reach your dreams.


Now I ain't saying she's a goaldigger, but, she ain't messing with no broke...


We’re thrilled to extend a special Black Friday discount on our business consulting packages (including career consulting, marketing, strategy, operations, financials and brand enhancement). We've had tremendous success offering both large and small-scale packages of consulting services that will impact your business in a major way.


YAMA Talent will offer 10% off consulting packages to any new inquiries we receive between 12:01am this Friday and 11:59pm Sunday.  

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Happy Thanksgiving!


3 weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the AMA Pro Motorcycle races in Millville, NJ.  I was blown away by this entirely new subculture and by the sheer complexity and efficiency of the motorcycles.  I was enchanted by the beauty of the engines and shiny rotors – greased to perfection, working in unison - all these parts that are engineered to create incredible speed and power, 0-100 in three seconds, to be exact.  There were two assembled bikes for our team, (Erik Buell Racing) and two other ‘stand by’ bikes, that were literally in pieces – lying in wait until the time came to be put together.  That’s when things got interesting.  You see, these bikes are literally assembled by hand.  Each crew is made up of around 10 mechanics, engineers, and specialists, plus a pit crew leader.  Each responsible for a assembling a different component of the bike.  And then, there’s the rider herself, an extremely skilled – highly trained athlete, wielding a very expensive 200 lb bike at break neck speeds – a bike that that was put together by her own teammates.  There’s very little room for error at 300 miles an hour.


Now I was in a tizzy:  Who leads the team?  Tell me about trust.  How do you all stay accountable?  How do you share the glory of a victory when it is only the riders name on the marquee?  I won’t tell you all the answers but I will tell you, it got me thinking about my own team and the beautiful, product that can exist when all the parts are well made, assembled properly and harmoniously working together.  Ask yourself, if when the rubber meets the road, can you trust 100% that you and your team have done everything to the best of your ability – as if a life depended on it – yours.


To the beauty of efficiency,