Everyone's favorite ex-punk ex-monk handstand-junkie Raghunath has a new online course on Udemy that is unprecidented in the yoga world. Born To Fly: Study Yoga Philosophy, Inversion and Kirtan is a 35-hour online study of Bhakti philosophy and practice, as well as teaching and learning inversions and arm balances.


From Raghunath:

Born to Fly: Study Philosophy, Inversions and Kirtan brings hours of my lectures and asana classes as well as hours of other presenters speaking on The Yoga Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita, and The Science of Sound--it’s all edge of your seat wonderful stuff. My guests speakers are Swamis, professors, and good friends who literally walk the talk. 


 I want to introduce you to two powerful game-changers for those traveling a yogic path-whether you are a new student or a skilled teacher.


One is a physical change: how to strengthen and improve your yoga practice by adding inversions and arm balances. I present simple and advanced techniques to help dismantle fear and personal limitations.


Secondly, this course fosters the deep and practical understanding of bhatki--the philosophy and motivation behind our yoga practice. To practice yoga can revolutionize the body, and for deeper understanding we explore the philosophy of bhakti: the yoga of love. As we move, work and play in this world, our devotion and ever-refining intention can revolutionize our lives. Includes incredible, noteworthy guest-speakers who are experts in yoga and yogic philosophy.


In a day and age when a 1-hour class can cost upwards of $20, accessing 35-hours of yoga content for only $249 gives yogis the ability to deepen their practice from home, for a killer price. YAMA Talent visitors can save 20% off Raghunath's new course for the rest of October--just use the coupon code "YAMA" and get ready to take flight!





















Saturday, October 4th, 2014 Yogapalooza will premiere on Veria Living at 8:00-8:30AM EST! 


Singer, songwriter and yoga teacher Bari Koral of the Family Rock Band hosts this new yoga and music tv show, igniting the imagination of kids through music and movement, teaching fun, simple yoga moves while practicing mindfulness and self-awareness. 


This half-hour show plays pop-friendly music with catchy, clever lyrics that parents won't mind having stuck in their heads after the inevitable request to press "repeat." Beloved performer Bari Koral has established herself as a leading force in the "yoga for kids" movement. Her songs are widely used in children's yoga programs and preschool classrooms. Koral's knack for blending music and movement into a interactive experience that embraces the whole child has earned her a legion of fans.


Tune in to watch, listen and play as Bari and her super sidekick Dred turn your Saturday mornings into a Yogapalooza!


Check out your local listings to find your Veria Living channel, or watch anytime at




Prime leader in the yoga and wellness space Gaiam has launched its first digital-only yoga program: Yoga Rising. Rockstar teachers Faith Hunter and Patrick Beach are in the first release of this groundbreaking series, celebrating yoga in the new age. This cutting-edge yoga content gives consumers access to practice with knowledgeable up-and-coming teachers, anywhere, anytime, from any connected device.


The Yoga Rising Series is available exclusively from iTunes during National Yoga Month (September--happening now!) and will be available for download from and other select digital media channels soon after.


Check out the spiritually fly Faith Hunter for a flow with soul-rocking rhythm and handstander-extraordinaire Patrick Beach's practice on building body symmetry. The Yoga Rising Series has 5 unique practices from each teacher, 30-40 minutes in length apiece.


Consumers looking to practice on the road, at home, on the go, or elsewhere outside a typical studio can get started economically and with ease. The practices can be purchased on iTunes for $2.99 HD per episode, or as a season for $9.99 HD.



Get ready and unroll your mats because Meghan Currie is hitting the road for her first American tour!


After wrapping up stops in Seattle and Charleston earlier this month (thank you Lululemon and Yoga House Charleston!) Meghan's got a full month ahead. There are still spots open at each of the remaining workshops, but they'll fill up fast, so check them out and prepare to Love.Every.Moment.


September 20 & 21Tough Love Yoga (Atlanta, GA)

September 25Boston Back Bay Yoga (Boston, MA)

September 26 & 27Pure NYC (New York, NY)

October 1Balanced Hot Yoga Studio (New Haven, CT)

October 2Epic Yoga (Washington, DC)

October 4Iaroland Yoga (Stanhope, NJ)

October 5Ahimsa Fest (Windham, NY)




YAMA is pleased to support Cody, an app that lets you take classes with some of the best teachers in the world! Accessible anywhere on your smartphone, computer, or tablet, you can tune in to class with the following yogis:







and more to come!

Connect with other students and with Cody's support team, learn from the best, and meet all of your fitness goals!


We are raising money to grow a powerful yoga program in Haiti with Ayiti Yoga Outreach and train women to become Spiritually Fly ChangeMakers in their communities.

Faith Hunter and Lizandra Vidal are excited to present the first annual Spiritually Fly ChangeMakers Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in Washington DC held at Embrace Yoga Studio, July 21-August 3, 2014.

Spiritually Fly ChangeMakers are more than yoga instructors. They are teachers who upon completion of this program will have the leadership skills necessary to make the world a strong, healthy, connected, and peaceful place. The training will be attended by over a dozen American and international students, including the three Haitian women we are sponsoring, with your help. 

We are raising money to pay for Mamay, Spinosa and Ildat's travel expenses, lodging & meals while in DC for the training, and also seed money for each to establish local yoga practices in their home communities - money that will allow them to put their yoga to work!

Haiti has been chosen as the first Spiritually Fly ChangeMakers International Focus Country.




Do you need to deepen your practice? Check out these life- changing programs led by the beloved Raghunath:




Born to Fly Module 2

Born to Fly: Module 2 - Learning, leading, and studying the philosophy of mantras, kirtans.  Bhakti & The Art of Refining & Teaching Arm Balances. 

Welcome to Bhakti and Flight university.  Join master teacher Raghunath as you advance as a practitioner AND a teacher in your inversion/arm balance practice while breaking down the sweet and deep culture of Bhakti. Learn to fly. Learn to sing from your heart. Finally GET yoga philosophy and it's practical application like its never been explained before.

This 100 hour Advanced module - suitable for yoga teachers or serious students has two essential elements. First, Raghu will teach refining and strengthening your inversion and arm balance practice as well as masteringHOW to teach them and add them into your sequencing. He will break things down to their simplest form and explain how to grow this practice from the foundation up till you're literally floating around the room.

Second, this is a study of genuine Bhakti culture which will include: the memorization of sacred sanskrit mantras that are valuable gems for yoga teachers to own by memory. Study devotional songs and mantras and their significance. Learn or refine your harmonium playing so that you can lead kirtan.  This training will specifically focus on the ancient devotional manuscript of the Srimad Bhagavatam's which contain the stories of Lord Krishna, and is pregnant with deep transcendent yet practical lessons for the aspiring yogi.


Sadhu Training 


SadhuTraining- New Incarnation:
cost: $999
DATES: Monday, July 21 2:00 pm -Saturday, July 26 9:30 am
Where: Hawthorne Valley Farm

Find out more on Raghu's blog!

questions: Reach Raghuanth


India Pilgrimage

Back to the motherland! The home of yoga, mystics, mantras, sadhus, chanting, samaosas, Ayurveda and most of all devotion and love! Without a guide it’s easy to get lost in the craziness of modern India. To decipher the mystery Raghunath will be that guide to introduce you to spiritual India. Visiting like yogi’s- not tourists. We’re not going to park it at some hotel and do asanas. This is the real deal. Raghu will take you to the holy cities and villages that have been dear to the yogi’s and devotees since before recorded time. He will teach asana, and philosophy regularly and give reading assignments from books of ancient India so you can enter into the mood. More than tourism it will be a chance to learn and grow. We’ll learn meditation techniques, bathe in sacred rivers, and dine on authentic and excellent vegetarian food. Because he has spent a lot of time in India with sadhu’s and saints, We will meet up with other guides, friends, Vedic astrologers, palmists, & swami’s whom Raghunath knows of, or has known intimately for years. We’re going to deepen our understanding of yoga culture. With a proper guide India can be a portal to another time-an ancient spiritual culture. It still exists side by side with the modern. As you discover it you will consequently discover your self a little more and then your life will never be the same. Space is limited so we invite you join the adventure.


Hey Ya'll,

We are very excited to introduce you to Patrick Beach, who will be touring the Northeast for the next 2 weeks!

Join us on the mat at one of these amazing studios:


We are open to adding events on February 28 and March 2nd contact if interested!